Maximising yields and profits, implementing traceability and driving operational sustainability.
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Aid and NGO
Helping you increase donations and visibility, ensuring resource efficiency and making sure your employees are safe.
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Increasing efficiencies and production, lowering environmental footprint and improving remote worker safety.
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Supporting the remote connectivity needs of broadcasters across the globe, whether you are breaking news or news-gathering.
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Optimising yields, ensuring traceability, supporting regulatory compliance and sustainability and improving worker safety.
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Transport and Logistics
Delivering transparency, operational efficiencies and enhanced passenger and worker safety.
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Our customers

Our top priority is making sure our staff and the public are safe. Inmarsat’s solution, enabling us to track vehicles across the region is delivering this key business objective. We have seen a notable decrease in issues for our drivers out on the roads.
Matthieu Bos, Vice-President, Corporate Development at Ivanhoe Mines