Inmarsat’s Managed IoT Service underpins the most complex and transformative solutions that we build. We combine industry leading technology and our continuous improvement methodology to help you connect anything to anything, anywhere across the global supply chain.

Our Managed IoT Service includes edge connectivity, software defined gateways, backhaul connectivity and our orchestration platform wrapped in our managed service layer of industry-leading security, 24/7/365 support and customisable SLAs (service level agreements). This gives your business all of the benefits of Industrial IoT without any of the complexity of building the solution or providing ongoing in-house support.

How it works

We connect any data producing sensor, device, machine or vehicle
Inmarsat Managed IoT Service
  • Edge connectivity
    With more end points producing data than ever before, the right kind of edge connectivity is paramount. We use Long Range Wide Area Networks (LoRaWAN), Low Power Wide Area Networks (LPWAN) and Bluetooth Low Energy to efficiently gather all of your key data points at the edge.
  • Software defined gateways
    We use software defined gateways allowing you to easily add multiple use cases and edge connectivity types, aggregate data intelligently at the edge, control security and patching with embedded applications, so you get a seamless and agile IoT experience.
  • Backhaul connectivity
    Once the right data has been aggregated it needs to be sent securely toward customer applications. Depending on customer need this could involve a blend of Inmarsat's highly reliable L-band satellite, cellular, fibre or other satellite connectivity.
  • Inmarsat Industrial IoT Orchestration Platform
    Enabling interoperability, our IIoT Orchestration Platform provides all the data, device and embedded application management needed to connect anything to anything, as well as bringing data from the edge and integrating with cloud platforms.
  • Security
    We provide end to end security as standard. 24/7/365 monitoring of our solely owned satellite network with firewall and hardening, validated identity for gateways and orchestration platform, mutual authentication, encryption, secure environments, secure management access.
  • Support
    Our dedicated support teams are available 24/7/365 and in region, ready to respond to any enquiries. Our managed services team will work to evolve your capabilities over time.
  • SLA
    We build custom SLAs based on your needs including: a global SLA, connectivity SLA, on-site recovery SLA.
Delivering data to your application or platform of choice